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  • Innovation & Research

    Guided by a strong innovative will, EURO-COLD has been able to differentiate his products, developing his own technology and making his own way in the industrial washing industry. To obtain complete mastery of our process and thus be capable of meeting customer’s requirement, EUROCOLD devotes a big part of turnover every year to research & development, as well as to investment projects such as personnel training.

  • Environmental care

    A special care for the Environment: optimizing the consumption of natural re-sources such as electrical energy, gas and water is one of the primary achievements of our research & development team.

  • Customer satisfaction and care

    Besides EUROCOLD is using recent information technologies to assist and support its customers all over the world in real-ti-me, it is made by people. We believe our customers deserve a dynamic, skilled and professional team replying to their queries and clearing their doubts: no answering machines, no online tutorials, no standard answers, just real people responding to real needs.

  • The ISO 9001 certification

    EUROCOLD gained the ISO 9001 certification to achieve internationally recognized standards for its quality management system, implying systematic controls of all the activities ensuring that the needs and expectations of customers are met.

  • Global products, flexible solutions

    The ability to generate an idea and completely realizing it by internal production, as it is for all the products, allows to offer the client mass-produced industrial cleaning units, which at the same time are flexible to evolve and meet specific needs. Being able to find the right solutions to even a single client’s needs shows the value of our know-how.

  • Local manufacturing, global thinking

    After more than 25 years of activities, the company has expanded its business from National to International markets. Today the 75% of our products are sold and distributed worldwide.

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