Line LAC lens dip coating machines

lacquering machine dedicated to optic business

The coating machines in the LAC range were developed in liaison with leading lens and visor manufacturers.

These machines are built on customer demand.

The dip-coating machines are compatible with all dip coating lacquers currently on the market.

The machines are designed both for the lab and for mass production.

The LAC LAB machines have a capacity of a few dozens of lenses/hour, while the LAC MASS production machines may process a few thousand lenses per hour.

Dip-coating machines are completely automatic.

The mass processing machines are equipped with an in-line curing oven, while lab machines are only equipped with pre-curing units.

The dip-coating machine designed for labs was developed to be expandable and future-proof with no need for upgrading or replacement, while still minimizing energy consumption.

The lab coating machine cleaning section adopts the TermoVide® single-chamber technology, while the mass-production unit uses the PLURITANK ultrasonic cleaning technology.

The lift-out control systems are operated using the IRIDE lifting systems technology.

The dipping and lifting curve may be customized based on resin and, if required, lens type. The electromechanics of the lifting systems ensures soft movements along the whole set curve, so as to prevent the creation of horizontal lines.

The service offered with the unit includes installation, consumable item supply, process installation support and both remote and on-site technical support.

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