Line IRIDE Lens tinting machines and accessories

Tinting machine dedicated for optic business

The lens tinting machines in the IRIDE line were developed to meet the needs of a leading lens producer.

These machines use water soluble dyes in powder or liquid form. The machines are designed for solid or graduated tinting.

The IRIDE LAB lab machines have a capacity of a few lens pair per pot, while the IRIDE MASS machines for mass production may process a few hundred lens per cycle.

The automatic versions can be interfaced with a PC.

Each tinting tank is equipped with a lens lifting system capable of managing colour intensity, solid or graduated tinting, transition zone height and position, etc.

Each process curve may be customized down to lens and material type.

The electromechanics of the lifting system ensure soft movements along the whole path, so as to prevent the creation of horizontal lines.

The set temperature of the tinting solution is maintained down to degree precision, while its level is maintained constant down to millimetre precision.

The bath is continuously stirred to ensure the dye is uniformly distributed.

The service offered with the unit includes installation and both remote and on-site technical support.

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