Line PLURITANK multi-tank industrial cleaning

inline ultrasonic machine with multiple single-function tanks

EUROCOLD is also well known for its PLURITANK range of traditional in-line multi-tank ultrasonic industrial cleaning plants.

These industrial machines are only built on the client’s specifications and specifically designed for the product to be cleaned.

The range is based on cleaning processes that use water-based detergents.

Processes are customized per product, while the operating parameters may also be customized for each individual tank.

This family of industrial cleaning plants is designed to clean a vast range of different materials, shapes and dimensions and can remove contaminants such as machining residues, chemical process residues, cutting oils, powders, etc.

The products to be cleaned are moved from a tank to the other with a dedicated basket and a two-axes robot. The number of tanks and the accessories in each of them vary based on machine design and the products to be cleaned. Only one cleaning process phase is carried out in each position/tank, and the time the product remains in each of them is the same.

These industrial cleaning processes remove superficial dirt and ensure that the residual quantity of contaminants, measured in accordance with ISO 16232 and using a scanning electron microscope, is minimal, allowing the part to undergo downstream treatments such as PVD, CVD, PECVD, CHROMATE TREATMENT, CHROMIZING, etc.

The PLURITANK ultrasonic cleaning machine:

  • consists of several tanks, in each of which only one phase of the cleaning process is carried out The machine is built in multiple sections to facilitate transport and assembly work on site. Depending on type and size, the installation and commissioning of the machine to make it production-ready may require up to two-three days.
  • only on-demand versions are available
  • can clean from a few mm and grams to several decimetres and kilograms of product
  • is environment- friendly
  • rinsing tanks are designed in cascade to minimize water consumption
  • works with Industry 4.0-ready SW
  • is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly HMI interface

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