Line HURRICANE industrial spray cleaning machine

spray cleaning machine

The spray cleaning machines in the HURRICANE line were designed to clean, rinse and dry metal or non-metal products machined on machine tools or processed by other means, with varying sizes, geometries and weight.

The HURRICANE cleaning machine is compact and may be used for the final cleaning of the products, as well as to pre-clean them when they are particularly soiled and must be prepared for subsequent ultrasonic cleaning.

The cleaning process is carried out by means of a swirling jet of detergent or rinsing solution, generated by a set of rotating nozzles located all around the cleaning chamber. Drying is carried out by means of a hot air jet also swirling in the cleaning chamber.

The products to be cleaned are manually loaded in suitable containers (baskets, frames or the like).

The container is then moved to the cleaning chamber. All process phases, from cleaning to rinsing and drying, are carried out in said chamber. The machine works with biodegradable water-based detergents.

The cleaning process is customizable and may include some or all of the following phases:

  1. cleaning with sprayed detergent solution;
  2. spray rinsing with recirculation water from the rinsing collection tank;
  3. spray rinsing with mains water and corrosion inhibitor;
  4. hot water drying

An intuitive control interface allows the operator to enable or disable each individual process phase as well as to customize its cycle duration.

The detergent solution is used in a closed loop, circulated by a pump and stored in a dedicated tank. The detergent solution is replaced manually as needed.

The spray cleaning machines in the HURRICANE line are available in a standard version but may also be customized to the client’s specification.

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