TERMOVIDE Line: single-chamber industrial cleaning machines for special applications

Compact multifunction machine with a single vacuum chamber for ultrasonic cleaning

Description of the family of special machines

TERMOVIDE line: single-chamber industrial cleaning machines for special applications

Due to the size, shape, weight, or volume of the parts to be cleaned, Eurocold frequently builds bespoke single-chamber cleaning machines with specific features that make each machine unique.

These ultrasonic industrial cleaning machines are identical, in terms of type, characteristics, and sequence of cleaning process, with respect to the single chamber cleaning machines using one or two detergents, but they differ significantly in terms of the machine layout and the dimensions of the cleaning chamber.

The single chambers of certain bespoke versions have volumes of thousands of litres and can accommodate parts of even several metres in length. The largest chamber we have built to date has a working volume of 5,000 litres and a 5,800 kg payload.

Thanks to their deep cleaning ability, also specially constructed TermoVide® industrial cleaning machines ensure improved cleaning of surfaces, making them more suitable to receive subsequent surface coatings including PVD, CVD, PCD, PECVD, PACVD, CHROMATION, CHROMIZATION, etc., or subsequent thermal treatments such as NITRIDING, CARBURIZING, NITROCARBURIZING, and so forth.

The achievable vacuum level in the machine’s sealed chamber ensures the perfect drying of products.

Water residues are thoroughly removed from corners, undercuts, holes, slots and all those areas that are particularly difficult to dry in the hot-air ovens installed in traditional ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Vacuum drying is also particularly effective for high specific heat materials, also difficult to dry in traditional ultrasonic plants.

Beside ensuring the internal atmosphere’s cleanliness, the machine’s sealed chamber also allows using controlled atmospheres, which can preserve many products from post-cleaning oxidation without chemical additives.

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