Line TERMOVIDE single chamber industrial cleaning machine

compact multifunction machine with a single vacuum chamber for ultrasonic cleaning

TermoVide® is the name Eurocold chose for its single-chamber ultrasonic industrial cleaning machines. The TermoVide® cleaning system, a result of the company’s innovation and R&D policy, is protected by three international patents.

With its single cleaning chamber, it can achieve excellent results, also when the characteristics, the geometry or the required quality level of the materials to be cleaned cannot be achieved using traditional ultrasonic cleaning plants.

Besides innovation and performance, attention to constructive details and care for design are other features of the TermoVide® that helped raise the technical quality of industrial cleaning.

Combining such vital elements in a single product, together with the company’s attitude to problem solving, allowed it to make a further step forward, consolidating the clients’ confidence even more.

The machine works with water-based detergents.

TermoVide® industrial cleaning machines are divided in two categories: one using a single detergent, the other one using two.

Thanks to Eurocold’s many years of experience, more than 200 TermoVide® machines are operating all over the world, while the test lab supports clients in identifying the best possible machine version based on the product to be cleaned.

The cleaning process is a sequence of several phases, from pre-cleaning to ultrasonic cleaning, from spray cleaning to rinsing with demineralized or hard water, from drying to the use of vacuum and controlled atmospheres.

The sequence of cleaning process phases may be customized.

Process phases may be added or removed, as well as repeated several times.

All process parameters used during each phase may be customized, such as cycle time, temperature, ultrasound power, ultrasound operating time, detergent to be used, controlled atmosphere, vacuum, etc.

The machine is extremely flexible, thanks to the ease with which customized processes may be created and reused. TermoVide® can manage a cleaning process for each product without jeopardizing its productivity.

Such a flexibility is impossible to achieve in average ultrasonic cleaning lines.

The machine’s HMI interface and management software are intuitive and user friendly.

The TermoVide® cleaning process can clean products from the residues of mechanical or chemical processing, cutting oils, dusts, etc., with better results than traditional ultrasonic cleaning lines.

Thanks to its specific characteristics, the TermoVide® industrial cleaning machine thoroughly removes dirt, ensuring surfaces are clean and suitable for subsequent coating processes such as PVD, CVD, PCD, PECVD, PACVD, CHROMATION, CHROMIZATION, etc., or thermal treatments such as NITRIDING, CARBURIZING, NITROCARBURIZING, etc.

The achievable vacuum level in the machine’s sealed chamber ensures the perfect drying of products.

Water residues are thoroughly removed from corners, undercuts, holes, slots and all those areas that are particularly difficult to dry in the hot-air ovens installed in traditional ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Vacuum drying is also particularly effective for high specific heat materials, also difficult to dry in traditional ultrasonic plants.

Beside ensuring the internal atmosphere’s cleanliness, the machine’s sealed chamber also allows using controlled atmospheres, which can preserve many products from post-cleaning oxidation without chemical additives.

The cleaning chamber’s working volume in standard-version TermoVide® industrial cleaning machines varies between 60 and 1000 litres, with a washable mass between 150 kg and 540 kg respectively.

Made-to-order cleaning chamber constructions are in any case possible, with tailor-made shapes, volumes and capacity depending on the needs of the user.

The chambers of some of the customized versions we have built have several thousand-litre volumes and can contain product lengths of a few metres. The largest one we built to date has a working volume of 47,000 litres and a working capacity of 5,800 kg.

Main features of the machine:

  • front-loading with cart as standard; it may be customized with automatic loading systems
  • built to work with one or more detergents, depending on process needs
  • horizontal loading; customizable for vertical loading
  • standalone machine installable in just a few hours
  • smaller footprint when compared to traditional ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • available in standard or customized version
  • can clean small (a few mm and grams) as well as large (some metres and tons) products
  • environment-friendly machine
  • SW designed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements
  • is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly HMI interface
  • only includes one sealed chamber, within which all cleaning process phases are carried out
  • prevents the evaporation of cleaning and rinsing liquids, reducing direct and indirect electric energy consumption
  • extends the duration of detergents by reducing their consumption
  • uses controlled atmospheres when needed, both to increase cleaning phase efficiency and to prevent material oxidation without using chemical products
  • uses steam in the rinse phase for enhanced efficiency
  • uses vacuum to boost drying performance.
  • cleans and dries difficult materials such as those with high specific heat
  • cleans and dries complex features such as holes, cavities and undercuts, also at low temperature, speeding up subsequent surface treatment processes

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