This line represents an innovative approach in the world of cleaning plants using water-based detergents. All process phases – from washing to drying – are treated in a unique hermetic chamber. This feature, combined with managing software, ensures extremely high plant flexibility. It is possible to customize cleaning processes depending on which products need cleaning; record these processes in the machine memory and pick them up each time it is needed to clean different products. Cleaning phases sequence can be changed, removed or added, such as can be customized the process parameter of each cleaning phase as cycle time, temperature, detergent type, water type, controlled atmosphere etc.

Following sketches show some of the possible cleaning phases.

This cleaning process can remove many different types of dirt like tooling machine chips, chemicals residual, oil, dust, etc. and ensures a higher rate of quality than the traditional in line cleaning plants. Thanks to vacuum contribution, which is used in some of the cleaning phases, dimension and amount of dirt is minimal. This is measured according to ISO 16232 and with the support of an electronic scansion. TERMOVIDE® deeply detaches dirt, ensuring a better cleaning of surfaces and making products ready for coating treatments like PVD, CVD, PCD, PECVD, PACVD, DLC, ALD, CHROMATE, CROMIZING etc. or heat treatments like NITRIDING, CARBURATION, etc.

Vacuum used during the drying phase allows also to remove all water and humidity residuals even in corners, undercuts, holes, slots and all those parts which are not reachable by traditional in line cleaning systems.  Vacuum ensures also to dry easily, material having high specific heat. The use of controlled atmosphere avoids the oxidation of the products after the cleaning process. TERMOVIDE® cleaning phases are defined based on user needs.

Useable volume of standard hermetic chamber moves from 60 liters to 1200 liters, where it is possible to clean product masses between 150 Kg and 2000 Kg. That said, thanks to its flexibility, EUROCOLD can customize the hermetic chamber size according to customer needs.

System features:

  • is loaded manually by a trolley, but it is possible to customize the machine with an autoloading system
  • is built to work with one or more detergents depending on the needs
  • is loaded horizontally but it is possible to customize the machine for a vertical loading
  • is one block machine, installable in few hours
  • requires less space
  • is available in standard or customized solution
  • can clean products from few millimeters or grams to products of some meters and tons
  • is environmental friendly
  • its SW is arranged to satisfy Industry 4.0 requirement
  • is equipped with a very helpful and easy HMI interface
  • has one single hermetic chamber in which all cleaning processes phases are done
  • consumes a lower quantity of detergent, water, direct and indirect power
  • ensures no oxidation of metal products without adding any chemicals
  • uses steam in rinsing phase increasing the rinsing efficiency
  • uses vacuum in some phases of the cleaning process increasing the efficiency of the drying phase
  • clean and dry also difficult materials like the ones having high specific heat
  • cleans and dries also corners, undercuts, holes, slots and all those parts, even at low temperature, reducing the cycle time in following coating processes

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