Spray cleaning machine with one detergent tank


Spray cleaning plant for parts cleaning after machining operations. Cleaning chamber usable dimensions 1200x1200x1200 mm. Max payload 800 kg.

Application sectors
The HURRICANE SR1200D spray cleaning machine is designed to clean, rinse and dry post machining parts and other parts in a single chamber. The products to be cleaned can be metal or non-metallic, of different sizes, shapes and weights. The machine, which is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS steel (EN 1.4301) throughout, features compact dimensions and can be used for either final cleaning or pre-cleaning. The machine is equipped with two tanks, one for the detergent solution and one for the rinse liquid. The machine and tanks are insulated to reduce heat loss. The detergent to be used is water based. The cleaning and rinsing phases uses swirling jets of detergent or rinsing solution directed against the products by a series of rotating jet nozzles in the cleaning chamber. The cleaning and rinsing phases take place under closed circuit conditions. Once the active detergent is exhausted, the operator must replace it manually with fresh detergent solution. Drying is performed with hot air, which is likewise caused to flow through the cleaning chamber with a swirling motion. The products to be cleaned are first manually placed in customized containers (baskets, racks , etc.). The container is then moved to the cleaning chamber. The cleaning process is customizable and may include some or all of the following phases:
  1. cleaning with sprayed detergent solution;
  2. spray rinsing with recirculation water from the rinsing collection tank;
  3. spray rinsing with mains water and corrosion inhibitor;
  4. hot water drying
The operator can use a simple interface to enable or disable each process phase and customize cycle times and solution temperatures for each phase. The HURRICANE SR1200D has a 1200x1200x1200 mm cleaning chamber and an 800 kg payload. Cycle times depend on product type, contaminant type, and contaminant quantity, with an average of 15-20 minutes.

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