Graduating machine for lens tinting


Machine for solid or graduated tinting of lens pairs

Application sectors
IRIDE LAB TOWER is a bench-top lens tinting machine. The graduation unit is made of AISI 304 stainless steel (EN 1.4301) throughout. The machine, which was developed to meet the needs of a multinational industry leader in the lenses sector, is extremely rugged and reliable, as proven by the fact that the first units placed on the market have now been providing active service for over 15 years. The management software is user-friendly and intuitive. The graduation unit manages both solid and graduated tints, colour intensity, and the graduation position, size and gradient. The machine can be interfaced with a PC. Once a new tinting process has been set up, the operator saves it to the PC, and retrieves it whenever necessary. The ease of setting up and saving tinting processes makes it possible to customise lens tinting in accordance with the material, the thickness and all other parameters that affect the result. The vertical dipping movement ensures no horizontal lines throughout the cycle. The management software can be easily set up, whenever required, without having to change the machine. IRIDE LAB TOWER can use any model of suspendable lens rack for tinting.

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