Lens tinting machine built to customer specifications


Machine for tinting lenses in masse or in pairs. The machine is designed to use water-soluble powder dyes. The machine can apply solid or graduated tints

Application sectors
The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (EN 1.4301) to customer specifications. This unit uses water-soluble dyes. IRIDE MASS 2000 can create solid and graduated tints of any intensity required. The tank dimensions and machine payload are as per customer specifications. The dye is heated by electric immersion heaters as standard, but it can also be heated using any hot fluid available locally in the plant. The set liquid temperature is maintained by a thermoregulator. A laminar flow circulation system keeps the dye constantly in motion, avoiding turbulence but maintaining uniform dye distribution. A suitably designed overflow keeps the dye level constant. The automatic evaporation compensation replenishment system operates without affecting the dye temperature. The tank is equipped with an IRIDE GRAD lifting system, designed to adapt to any process curve programmed by the operator. The tinting curves can be customised for solid or graduated tints, colour, intensity, for position and size of the transition zone, right up to the material type and lens type. Once the tinting process has been programmed, it can be stored on a PC and retrieved as necessary. The electromechanics of the lifting system ensure soft movements along its whole path, so as to prevent the creation of horizontal lines. The machine is also equipped with an extractor hood to remove fumes given off by the hot liquid and a containment tray to prevent spillage of chemicals. The system is fully automatic and is controlled through a PC interface.

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