Ultrasonic cleaning plant with 3 detergent tanks


Ultrasonic cleaning using water-based detergents. Composed of 8 working positions. Individual tank volume is 95 litres, 5 minute cycle time.

The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel (EN 1.4301) throughout. PLURITANK 95/8P is a conventional industrial multi-tank inline ultrasonic cleaning plant. The plant is built to customer specifications only. The machine works with water-based detergents and has 8 working positions consisting in cleaning and rinsing tanks and drying ovens. The cleaning and rinsing tanks have a capacity of 95 litres each. The cleaning tanks are equipped with agitation, ultrasound, heating elements to heat the washing liquid, circulator pump and filter. All the rinsing tanks are designed to work in contraflow cascade, the final rinsing tank is equipped with a slow movement lifting system designed to allow drip drying of the washed products. The products are then dried with hot air in a feed-through oven. PLURITANK 95/8P is designed with 3 cleaning tanks. On request, the cleaning tanks can be made so that they are replaceable in a matter of minutes. The cleaning processes can be customized according to the product, and also the process parameters of each single tank can be likewise customized. The PLURITANK 95/8P industrial cleaning plant is designed to clean a vast range products in terms of material, shape and dimensions, and can remove contaminants such as machining residues, chemical process residues, cutting oils, powders, etc. The machine throughput rate is one product batch every 5 minutes. The products to be cleaned are moved from a tank to the other with a dedicated basket and a two-axes robot. A single phase of the cleaning process is performed in each position/tank, and the cycle time is identical for each position/tank. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning is supported by management software that is compatible with Industry 4.0 and an intuitive and simple HMI interface. The management software features several access levels: the software logs all operator-entered process types, highlights periodic maintenance intervals, logs any technical problems affecting the machine, etc. The system features a “help” button to send a service request email to Eurocold technical service. This function is especially useful if the ultrasonic cleaning machine runs 24/7 or in a significantly different time zone to Italy. Technical service accesses the machine remotely, retrieves and analyses the machine data and, in the vast majority of cases, solves the problem without an on-site visit. The machine work zone is protected from external contamination by means of a casing, and the internal air is continuously circulated and filtered.

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