Single chamber machine, 1 detergent


Cleaning technology with water and water-based detergents. The cleaning chamber has a usable volume of 60 litres and a 150 kg payload.

The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel (EN 1.4301) throughout. The single chamber machine features very compact dimensions. TermoVide® V100+ heralds a new generation of industrial cleaning machines. The machine works with water-based detergents. The cleaning process takes place in a single hermetically sealed tank: the single chamber. The TermoVide® V100+ single chamber machine uses just one detergent and offers a usable volume of 60 litres and a 150 kg payload. TermoVide® V100+ is the entry level model in the Termovide® cleaning machines range. Phases available in the cleaning process:
  • VCA Vacuum and controlled atmosphere
  • immW-US-De1 Immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, detergent 1
  • sR-fDi Spray rinse with non-recirculated demineralized water
  • D drying
The process temperature can be set between 35°C and 80°C The cleaning phases are performed in sequence in the single chamber. Each process phase on the TermoVide® V100+ cleaning machine can be added, eliminated, or repeated, and all parameters used in each phase can be customized, e.g. cycle time, temperature, ultrasound power, ultrasound process time, controlled atmosphere, vacuum, etc. The ease of setting up and reusing the customized processes makes this machine extremely flexible. The Termovide® V100+ cleaning process can be customized for each product without affecting throughput, saving the customized process in the memory and repeating it whenever required. The Termovide® industrial cleaning process can deep clean products to remove machining residues, chemical process residues, cutting oils, powders, etc. Main features of the machine:
  • manual horizontal trolley-assisted loading
  • designed for single detergent cleaning
  • equipped with an oil skimmer to extend the working life of detergents
  • standalone machine installable in just a few hours
  • smaller footprint than a traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine
  • available in standard or customized version
  • environment-friendly machine
  • SW designed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements
  • is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly HMI interface
  • prevents the evaporation of cleaning and rinsing liquids, reducing direct and indirect electric energy consumption
  • extends the duration of detergents by reducing their consumption
  • uses controlled atmospheres when necessary, to increase effectiveness of the cleaning phases and avoid materials oxidation without using passivating agents
  • compatible also with passivating agents
  • uses steam in the rinse phase for enhanced efficiency
  • uses vacuum to boost drying performance.
  • cleans and dries difficult materials such as those with high specific heat
  • cleans and dries complex features such as holes, cavities and undercuts, also at low temperature, speeding up subsequent surface treatment processes
The Termovide®V100+ management software features several access levels: the software logs all operator-entered process types, saves any technical problems affecting the machine, highlights periodic maintenance intervals, etc. The system features a “help” button to send a service request email to Eurocold technical service. This function is especially useful if the machine runs 24/7 or in a significantly different time zone to Italy. Technical service accesses the machine remotely, retrieves and analyses the machine data and, in the vast majority of cases, solves the problem without an on-site visit.

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