EUROCOLD to satisfy market demand offers a wide range of products:

  1. single chamber cleaning machine TermoVide®
  2. multi-tanks cleaning machine PLURITANK
  3. tinting machine type IRIDE
  4. dip-coating machine type LAC

Our machines are driven by a software. Software controls all parameters needed to ensure good machine efficiency and good production quality. Interface machine-operator, HMI type and used software are compatible with industry 4.0. Software, very easy to use and very flexible, offers multiple customization:

  • filters access to data and machine parameters per authorization level
  • plans automatics start up and shot down also in operator absence
  • recovers, to be analyzed all process data so to have statistic and to pursue a continuous improvement
  • highlights machine anomalies
  • allows remote assistance to ensure service in real time and to reduce to a minimum the down time
  • recommends predictive maintenance
  • Etc.

The attention to details throughout the realization of our products gives the client a highly performing machine, high standards working process and final product; a rapid and easy access to the customer service.

Mechanical, electrical and electronics components are sourced from largest global companies and are recoverable globally. All that is what makes EUROCOLD’s units an excellence in this business

Majority of industrial business using our cleaning machine are:

  • Optic (lenses, fine lenses, sun lenses etc.)
  • Optic frames
  • molds for casting plastic material and die-casting;
  • kitchen and bathrooms valves
  • metal fittings for door and furnitures
  • medical devices
  • semiconductors
  • cutleries, cookwares, cristals etc.
  • watches, jeweller, fine mechanical parts, etc
  • coatings treatment as PVD, CVD, PECVD etc.
  • hardening treatment as CROMIZING, NITRIDING, CARBURATION etc.
  • ahestetic treatment as CHROMATE etc.
  • Special utilizations


Right from the start EUROCOLD abandoned the use of solvents, inadequate as performance and environmental impact, and focused is attention to the use of aqueous detergents and to reduce to a minimum energy, water and air consumption. But it’s the wise use of natural elements the true key to excellence. Being able to build efficient machines using at its most potential the water for washing, air for drying and vacuum, heat for thermodynamic treatments, all while offering high quality and reliability standards it’s something we are proud of.

Pluritank Line

 “Pluritank” washing systems line consists of multi tank machines specially designed for customer’s needs. Suitable for the treatment of a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes, its tanks are specifically made to receive that component in detail. The machine operates completely automatically for all the processes: washing, rinsing and drying.

Today, after years of evolution, these units are highly performing and customizable.

As a plus of the firm, engineers and technicians boast a flexible and not standardized approach to the design, creating concrete and reliable solutions, and by that highlighting the features of the machine.

The service is completed by the installation of the unit, the supply of the suitable detergents and both the on-site and remote assistance.

TermoVide Line

“TermoVide®” is a business division focusing on the development of single chamber treatment systems. Innovation always has been a part of who we are and this feature led to choose to strongly invest in Research & Development department, able to transform intuitions, ideas, projects into concrete reality, solutions, devices or products of tomorrow.

Protected by three international patents, TermoVide obtains in a single machine excellent results where traditional systems are not enough to satisfy the quality level and/or the material features.

Ideas and performance are not the only peculiarity identifying this line: great attention to detail means care of the look too, often neglected in this business.

This philosophy made it possible to realize a unic system in the industrial cleaning industry elevating its standards.

Putting together all these fundamental elements in one single product was a great accomplishment and a step forward the ultimate goal: earning client’s trust.


Eurocold designed tinting machines type IRIDE, to satisfy requirement of a company leader in optic business. These machines utulize water soluble dye either in powder or liquid state. Iride machines can tint solid or graduating. They are built for ophtalmic labs, medium and large dimension and for mass production. IRIDE LAB can hold up to 4 lenses pairs a time per pot, while IRIDE MASS can process some handreds of lenses a time. Machines are interfaceable to a PC. Each tinting pot / tank has his own lifting system. Lifting system controls all tinting parameters, like solid tint, graduting tint, colour intensity, dimension and position of the transition zone etc. Once fixed, each tinting process can be recorded in PC and recovered each time is necessary. Tinting processes can be customized up to lens type and lens material. Way lifter is made, ensure a very soft movement alla long the process curve, to prevent from any horizontal line or Venetian blind. Tint level is mantained in same position with a tollerance of 0-1 mm. Tint is continuosly circulated to avoid any dye settling or mix disuniformity. A laminar flow movement avoid tint disuniformity. IRIDE LAB are designed to replace any the color pot with other in very few minutes. The service is completed by the installation of the unit and both the on-site and remote technical support.

LAC Line

Machines type LAC have been designed in cooperation with company leader in lenses and masks business. These machine are built on customer request. These dip-coating machine are compatible with all lacquers applicable via dipping, currently available on the market. Dippers LAC-LAB have been designed for little medium and large ophtalmic labs, while dippers LAC-MASS have been designed for mass production. LAC-LAB have a capacity of few tents of lenses / hour, LAC-MASS instead have a capacity of few thousands lenses / hour. Dippers are full automated. LAC-MASS are equipped with a in line oven to cure and post-cure lacquers. LAC-LAB instead is provided with static curing ovens to dry the lacquer skin. LAC-LAB has been designed expandible to match future customer growth without need to replace or add another machine. This guarantee the minimum lacquer and power consumption at any set of capacity. LAC-LAB can ber set to deliver 48-72-96-120 lenses/hour. To change the capacity set moving versus higher or lower capacity takes few hours and to replace few machine components. In LAC-MASS, cleaning section adopt PLURITANK technology, while in LAC-LAB cleaning section adopt TermoVide®technology. In both dippers lifting-out systems adopt Iride GRAD technology. In both machines dipping curves are customizable to lens type and material. Once fixed these dipping curves can ve recorded in PC and recovered at any time. Way lifting-out are made, ensure a very soft movement alla long the process curve, to prevent from any horizontal line or Venetian blind. The service is completed by the installation of the units, the assitance to fix the processes, the consumable supply  and both the on-site and remote technical support.