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Technical assistance
Prompt & effective

EUROCOLD has a customer service department. Thanks to the experience amassed through the years, with the support of the test lab the service department helps customers choose or configure the right machine for their needs. The service department is also responsible for solving any problems on the machine in operation. To aid problem solving, Eurocold machines are equipped with a help button that can be pressed to send an automatic support request email to Eurocold customer service. This function is especially useful if the machine runs 24/7 or in a significantly different time zone to Italy. Any messages that reach Eurocold during the night are processed immediately the next morning. The machines can be assisted remotely via the Internet. Since the machine management software logs all process data, including faults, the remote technician can analyse the information and, in the vast majority of cases, solve the problem online. An on-site technical intervention is very rarely required.

An analysis of past service requests reveals that most problems on the machine are caused by inadequate maintenance. To reduce this problem and increase machine uptime, Eurocold offers a yearly scheduled maintenance contract.

We transfer knowledge to maximize efficiency

Eurocold provides training courses to allow operators to get to know the machine, learn about its functions, and use it correctly. The one- or two-day courses are designed to allow the operator to gain confidence in use of the machine. The training sessions will address the following points:

  1. how the machine works
  2. management software capabilities
  3. filling and emptying the detergent tanks
  4. cleaning cycle set-up and scheduling
  5. routine maintenance tasks
  6. remote service requests
  7. simulation and resolution of the most common problems
  8. etc.

The training course is held at the Eurocold site at the time of machine factory testing for acceptance. At the Eurocold plant customers can devote their full attention to gaining familiarity with the machine without being distracted by routine production issues. Once the machine is installed, the technician will summarise the key points of the Eurocold training sessions.

On request, Eurocold can provide advanced training courses on the use of TermoVide®, in which case training will be conducted using the single-chamber machine installed in the test lab.

Testing lab
Learning to evolve

The test lab is equipped with a TermoVide® single chamber machine. This machine is used for R&D, for advanced training, and to develop new cleaning processes. Whenever we are presented with a cleaning problem that cannot be solved using the existing knowledge base of Eurocold technical personnel, the matter is submitted to the test lab in order to develop a suitable cleaning process. Once the solution has been tested in the test lab, if so requested by the customer the single chamber machine is installed temporarily on site. The customer then uses the machine in its production process for a limited period to assess the cleaning process set up in the lab and gain a comprehensive understanding of what to specify in their new machine order. Thanks to our liaison with the test lab of a leading detergents manufacturer, Eurocold can assist customers needing to use one or more specifically formulated detergents.

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